Exactly two years after axing Brisbane services, Malaysia Airlines’ bosses have expressed interest in returning to the city but are finding themselves short of one wide-body aircraft to do so.

Speaking to media in Sydney this week, Malaysia Airlines Group Chief Executive, Peter Bellew, said he’s keen to get Brisbane flights off the ground again because he believes there’s enough demand for the service to “do well”.

However, as a result of the carrier’s 2015 aircraft fleet reduction, Bellew said the airline doesn’t have the right plane available right now to service a Brisbane-Kuala Lumpur route.

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“We don’t yet have the aircraft to re-open that route, but I think it is a destination that would do well.”

Peter Bellew, Malaysia Airlines Group Chief Executive

In addition to giving Brisbane locals direct access to Malaysia, Bellew believes the route could also offer travellers connections to obscure places, particularly in China.

“We could offer some amazing connections,” he said. “Especially for people who want to travel to relatively obscure places in China. We can offer seamless connections to some interesting places in China.”

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Although the carrier isn’t ready to expand its Australian network just yet, Bellew said the Australian market is “very healthy” for the airline, thanks in large part to Travel Agents.

The Chief Executive explained that working closely with travel trade and reaffirming the airline’s commitment to Agents has contributed to a growing load factor from the Australian market, which is up nine percent, while yield has increased by double digits over the last six months.

“Travel trade is very important to us and will continue to be.”

Peter Bellew, Malaysia Airlines Group Chief Executive

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“We’ve seen a fairly dramatic increase in business from the Travel Agent community in Australia. Literally within weeks of us dotting our support for trade, we saw an immediate uptake in bookings,” he explained.

Hoping to build on the airline’s relationship with Agents in Australia, Bellew added that the carrier would continue working with consultants and educating them on the benefits of flying with a full service carrier like Malaysia Airlines as well as the affordability of a destination such as Malaysia.

Would you be keen for Malaysia Airlines to return to Brisbane?