When you’re travelling First Class but your two best mates are stuck up the back of the plane, the least you can do is bring them a few sneaky bevvies, right? That was the logic of one passenger travelling up the pointy end over the weekend.

The man in question (who we have dubbed Mile High Robin Hood) was travelling on an American Airlines flight from Philadelphia to Atlanta when he decided he ought to do something good for his ‘less fortunate’ mates.

After taking his seat, a flight attendant offered First Class passengers a pre-departure drink, which Mile High Robin Hood took with great zest.

He then followed the drink up with an order for two more double shots on ice.

When told he could only order one drink at a time, he thought fast.

“Oh, the other drink is for the woman next to me,” he lied.

When the drinks were delivered, the man set out on his crusade to Cattle Class before but the flight attendant (who was clearly much sharper than he gave her credit for) intervened.

Hatch a plan Robin, he thought to himself. He texted his friends to meet him in the toilet (charming) but their plan was once again thwarted by airline staff.

American Airlines had had just about enough of this bloke, and thankfully for them, the plane wasn’t in the air yet. A ground manager came on board and asked Robin Hood to come with him.

Robin did return to the plane, but only to conduct a walk of shame to get his carry on luggage and be escorted off again.

Ouch, awkward.

His mates in Economy got to stay, even if they did miss out on their drinks.

American Airlines said they did offer to re-book the customer on a later flight, but he declined and they provided a full refund.

The entire incident was recorded by fellow passenger Katie Genter who wrote an original recount of the incident for The Points Guy.


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What do you think of Mile High Robin Hood’s deeds? Do you think he should have been booted off?