Air New Zealand is dashing into the festive spirit once again this year with a yuletide ad in which airline staff teach Father Christmas how to speak… Kiwi.

Apparently the guys down in the North Pole can’t tell their piggys from their puggys and their beds from their beards so Air New Zealand staff has stepped in to give them a bit of assistance.

The new ad was released a day before the good tidings month commenced and has already received some 90,000 views on Youtube, 662,000 views on Facebook and thousands more (me included) have seen it pop up as a sponsored post on their Instagram feed.

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It’s a hit, and rightly so because in true Air New Zealand style, it’s very well done.

The 2.5 minute clip opens with Santa and his helped taking a present request from a sweet darling in China. As he hangs up, the bedtime clock switches to ‘New Zealand’, causing the Christmas pair to panic.

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As the phone rings, the jolly fellow hesitantly picks up the call from a young Kiwi named Adam or as St. Nick mistakenly refers to him as ‘Edem’.

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Showcasing the difficulty Oceania outsiders have in understanding the Down Under accent, Santa takes orders for “a new beard”, “a puggy bank”, “a biscuit ball”, “an ear plane” and “a bug screen TV”.

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A frustrated helper down in the North Pole workshop decides the big man needs some help in interpreting these young New Zealanders and calls in Air New Zealand experts.

Air New Zealand Christmas 2

Check out the full clip below:

The new Christmas-theme ad follows on from last year’s successfully hilarious holiday-themed commercial in which a traditional wintery carol sung by Ronan Keating was given a summery Down Under remake.

Remember? The glistening snow was replaced with glistening bros and blue birds were switched up with really brown birds? Click here for a refresh (it’s so well done you’ll be tempted to replace the original version on your iPad).

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What did you think of the ad?