A group of Travel Advisors can officially tick China off the bucket list after exploring The Land of the Red Dragon during a recent fam-trip with MW Tours & China Eastern.

MW Tours’ Digital Marketing Co-ordinator, Kim Marcon, escorted the group of consultants from North Queensland, where they all originated, to Shanghai.

Marcon said consultants boarded one of China Eastern’s three times weekly services (until 1 March 2019) for the Northern Winter. During the flight, they were treated to the airline’s best hospitality and in-flight entertainment.


“We were lucky enough to have a row each on the way over, and the Agents had plenty of room on the return flight,” she said.

As part of the fam-trip, consultants were lucky enough to explore Suzhou and Nanjing, and spent a day in Shanghai as well.


The group’s tour guide, Maggie, was described as “fantastic” for explaining in detail all the places they visited, as well as offering insight into life in China.

Highlights of the famil included; The Lingering Garden, Suzhou Grand Canal, Dr Sun Yet-sen’s Mausoleum, Taicheng City Wall, Jiangnan Examination Hall and Niushoushan Cultural Park.


Did anyone you know go on the fam-trip?