Wait, British Airways ISN’T a government-owned airline? Oh that’s right, the airline merged with Iberia in 2011 to form International Airlines Group (IAG).

Well, British Airways’ parent company – International Airlines Group – has decided to spread its wings into low-cost short-haul flying with a budget carrier called ‘Level’.

‘Level’ may sound familiar – the group launched an airline with the same name earlier this year to fly low-cost long-haul flights from Spain to the USA.


The new short-haul carrier is taking off on 17 July and will be based out of Austria where it will operate on 14 routes, including Vienna to London (Gatwick), Barcelona, Paris, Milan and Dubrovnik.

Initially, the carrier’s fleet will be made up of Airbus A321s fitted with Premium Economy and Economy. Each cabin comes with seat-back entertainment screens.


The airline’s A321 has Premium Economy & Economy (pictured) cabins.

IAG Chief Executive Willie Walsh said ‘Level’ delivers more choice for those flying around Europe, while also contributing to Vienna’s economy by creating 200 jobs and providing affordable, reliable flights.

“We’re really excited about LEVEL which offers amazing fares, stimulating demand by providing people with more choice.”

Willie Walsh, IAG Chief Executive


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What are your thoughts on the new airline?