Passing through one of Australia’s domestic airports could soon resemble a journey through one of the country’s international gateways as the government considers new stricter security measures.

According to The Weekend Australian, new procedures are being considered in response to an alleged plan to attack an Etihad flight on 15 July.

Security changes could include new, tighter restrictions on liquids, gels and aerosols as well as as other carry on products.

Canberra Airport

There’s plans to introduce bio-metric scanners and domestic travellers may soon be prohibited from passing through domestic security without a physical boarding pass.

These changes would bring Australian domestic security in line with US airports, which have strict security processes in place.

Image: EnolaBrain81/Shutterstock

Image: EnolaBrain81/Shutterstock

A proposal of the changes is expected to be reviewed by the government within the coming weeks or sooner.

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