Would you pay a cheap as chips fare if it meant no check-in luggage, no meals, zero amenities and you wouldn’t even be able to travel with a carry on?

Airlines in the US including American Airlines and United Airlines are hoping to take budget travel to the next level with a new fare type which restricts overhead usage and could even see travellers charged extra for storing carry-on bags.

American Airlines refers to the new fare type ‘basic economy’ because it literally strips flyers down to just the clothes on their backs and a bag that fits under the seat.

carry on luggage

Those who choose to purchase the ‘basic’ ticket are looking at paying a $25 checked bag fee if their small bag doesn’t fit under the seat plus a $25 fee for checking it at the gate.

Not everyone is happy with the new fare, including U.S Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer who will apparently seek to ban airlines against charging for carry on luggage, Global Traveler USA reported.

“You don’t have to know how to read the tea leaves to see that when it comes to new airline fees, the future looks turbulent for consumers.”

Chuck Schumer, U.S Senate Minority Leader

“Yet again, and as predicted, another major airline just made it harder for everyday consumers to fly by banning the free use of the overhead bin for some travelers.

“The airlines that have adopted this policy should hit the eject on this plan and allow free use of the overhead bin for all fare classes and for all customers.”

Would you pay to fly without carry on?