Have you ever enjoyed an in-flight meal so much that you just thought “oh I wish I could get food this good on the ground”. Nope? Yeah, neither have we.

That’s why it comes as quite a surprise to learn that Air Asia wants to create the world’s first airplane food restaurant on the ground.

According to Skift, Air Asia’s CEO Tony Fernandes has confirmed the news, saying the airline is going to take the leap because “our food is fantastic”.


“We believe in it so much that we’re going to start a fast-food restaurant out of it. It’s called Santan.”

Air Asia’s CEO Tony Fernandes

Santan means coconut milk in Malay and is, of course, a popular ingredient in Malaysian and Southeast Asian food. It also happens to be the name of AirAsia’s current in-flight menu.

It’s expected the restaurant will launch first in Malaysia.


So what will the menu look like? You can expect Nasi Lemak (a coconut rice dish served with chilli sambal and chicken), Chicken Rice (fluffy seasoned rice served with roast chicken and accompanied with chilli, ginger and garlic sauce) and
Chicken Tikka Masala with Garlic Naan (chicken chunks in spices and yoghurt, served with warm garlic naan and creamy rich masala sauce).

I mean it sounds pretty tasty if the food is done well. Perhaps it will work after all.

What do you think of the concept?