First Qantas had our jaws hanging centimeters from the floor with its unsuspecting Air New Zealand partnership, and now Helloworld Travel has done the same.

Helloworld Travel – Hunter Travel Group (HTG) has formed a unique industry partnership with… Haval Motors Australia.

Okay so the shock factor wasn’t as high as the Qantas/Air NZ announcement, but it’s still pretty interesting.


HTG’s Helloworld Business Travel will manage Haval Australia’s corporate travel and events program nationally with Haval providing their sporty mid-size H6 SUV wrapped in Helloworld Travel branding.

The H6 will travel nationally and be used across sponsorships, events and community activations.


Brett Dann from HTG said he was very excited to partner with Haval Motors Australia and showcase the branded vehicle across our network.

HAVAL is a specialist manufacturer of premium SUVs and is the number one SUV brand in the world’s largest automotive market and has been for the past 15 years.

Late last month, Helloworld Travel also renewed an agreement with Travellers Choice Limited to continue giving the group’s members access to commercial travel deals. Click here to read more.


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What are your thoughts Helloworld Travel – Hunter Travel Group’s new arrangement?