If it’s between a place for children to play quietly or a zone for adults to stretch their legs, which would you want available on a 20-hour (or more) non-stop flight?

This is not a hypothetical question, the Flying Kangaroo ACTUALLY wants to know.

Qantas has asked its Frequent Flyers to put forward suggestions on what they think the cargo-hold on ultra-long-haul aircraft should be transformed into, after learning from Chief Executive Alan Joyce earlier this year, that it may be available for use on future aircraft.

So far, loyalty members have requested a stretch or exercise zone…


While others would like a communal bar, dining or self-service cafe zone…


Then there are the parentals who would prefer a crèche…


While the workaholics have asked for a work/study section including work stations…


One of the livelier requests was to convert lavatories into more spacious “change and refresh” stations, however, Qantas stressed that weight limitations would prevent the carrier from carrying enough water for showers.

Ah well, nice thought.

Qantas’ Head of Customer Strategy and Product Development, Phil Capps, said it’s still early days in the planning process but some of the ideas could be featured in future cabins.

“What sounds unconventional today may well become tomorrow’s new norm.”

Phil Capps, Qantas Head of Customer Strategy & Product Development

“Some ideas are more viable than others but our strategy is to find out what the priorities are for a cross section of travellers.”


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So, what would you like Qantas to include on an ultra-long-haul plane?