OFFICE GOALS: AirAsia's Kuala Lumpur HQ will give you serious workplace envy

Fancy, flexible and progressive offices are popping up around the globe to make that 40++ work week more appealing. A recent tour of AirAsia's HQ gave me serious workplace envy.

Fancy, flexible and progressive offices are popping up around the globe to make that 40++ work week more appealing. A recent tour of AirAsia’s HQ gave me serious workplace envy.

From nap rooms to complimentary in-office gyms and everything in between, more and more companies are rewarding their staff for the lengthy hours they put into their workdays by creating unique, fun and inspirational spaces that are designed to really get their creative juices and productivity flowing.

Case in point. AirAsia’s head office. Affectionately dubbed “RedQ” it is located alongside Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

“If we can help our employees live better lives and we can nurture our talent, why wouldn’t we?” AirAsia Manager for People and Culture, Faizul Ahmad said.

“We want to make life easier for our All-Stars.”

Faizul Ahmad, AirAsia Manager for People and Culture

Yes, AirAsia employees are called All-Stars. What a great way to boost confidence and create a team mentality!

As a result, their staff loyalty is staggering.

“We award ten-year long service leave to around 600-800 employees per year currently. Our employees receive 22 days leave for those who are with the company for longer than 2 years in addition to the 26 Malaysian public holidays,” Ahmad said.

“We have a loyal, inclusive culture and our team works so hard.”

From humble beginnings with a basic office beneath the aerobridge at the KL airport to this oasis of an office designed to reward their employees’ hard work, here are just a few of the benefits that the AirAsia All-Stars can enjoy at RedQ.


Snoozy siestas are encouraged


IMAGE: Kerri McConnel

We all know that a power nap can give you the ability to recharge and increase your productivity. AirAsia understands this as well and has supplied their employees with four sleep pods that can be booked in advance or just popped into if sudden sleepiness arises.


An international smorgasbord to make your mouth water


IMAGE: Rodel Flordeliz/Flickr

Forget having to pop over to your local food court for nosh, especially when your office is near the somewhat overpriced airport and a fair distance from the traffic-clogged city. AirAsia employees have their food subsidised and readily available from their very own food court!

For about AUD$3.50 per day, they are able to enjoy a broad range of international cuisines that they can relish for breakfast, lunch and dinner if they so desire! Beverages are also included in this amount! Forget hoarding change for your caffeine fixes!

As an added bonus, if they do decide to eat at home and forgot to buy the herbs for their recipe, they can just head to the rooftop and help themselves to the ample herb garden.


Goodbye YouTube make-up tutorials, AirAsia has the All-Stars sorted!


IIMAGE: Kerri McConnel

Front-facing staff have access to a makeup studio where they are taught how to apply their make up, style their hair professionally and also how to best look after their skin.

Or, if they’d prefer a professional tend to their tresses, they can book into the full-service hair salon next door for a nominal fee!


Gym membership, be gone!


IMAGE: Kerri McConnel

With the health and wellbeing of employees paramount to AirAsia, not only is there a complimentary gym onsite, but also a soft rubber jogging track (easier on the knees), sauna, weekly yoga classes, boot camp and social basketball and netball games organised on the rooftop courts.

For a more casual teambuilding experience, they can enjoy a spot of mini golf and cool off in the wading pool, positioned perfectly beside the non-alcoholic bar.


Bend & stretch… reach for the sky


Following a case study that most people requiring the help of a physiotherapist and masseuse are office workers, AirAsia decided to open a subsidised Physio Lab for their staff.

Initially launched with their baggage handlers in mind, this centre has rewarded the company exponentially with a reduction in hours lost through sick leave as a result.

There is also a medical centre on site with doctors available every business day from 9am to 6pm and on call after hours.

These are all part of the medical insurance offered to each employee for a mere AUD$340 per year.

Soon, AirAsia plans to hire a psychologist to be on hand for anyone who is experiencing mental health issues.

“We don’t want to lose great talent to depression. We want to help them and keep them,” Ahmad said.


Slide baby, slide


IMAGE: Kerri McConnel

When fun meets functionality, you know you’re onto a winning addition to the office. The All-Stars can add some thrills to their day when travelling from the top to bottom floors of RedQ with a slide that makes their inner child scream…sometimes literally!


IMAGE: Kerri McConnel

Whilst this list itself is impressive, it doesn’t even take into consideration the Little Stars Day Care Centre (priced at around AUD$169 per month), 24-hour convenience store, subsidised laundry service (AirAsia wants their employees to enjoy their time off, not do chores), the games room and so much more that the All-Stars can enjoy on a day-to-day basis.


What RedQ element would you like to see in your workplace?