OH MAN! Oman Air unveils new Dreamliner First Class & it's quite the treat

On one corner industry professionals are looking over Emirates' new First Class Suite, and on the other corner they're checking out Oman Air's new First Class Mini Suite.

On one corner industry professionals are looking over Emirates’ new First Class Suite, and on the other corner they’re checking out Oman Air’s new First Class Mini Suite.

Arabian Travel Market is turning into a grand unveiling of new First Class product with both Emirates AND Oman Air putting theirs on display in 2018.

A few days after the Dubai-based carrier confirmed a model of its ground-breaking 777-300ER First Class Suite would be available at the tour event, Oman Air revealed it too would have a special set up of its own Boeing 787-9 First Class Mini Suite.

Oman Air 2

According to the undersecretary of the Oman Ministry of Tourism, it’s an honour to be able to unveil a product at the Arabian Travel Market where attendees will get a first-hand look at the new class.

Among the First Class features delegates will see include how the 55-inch fully enclosed Suite offers complete privacy and how the fully-flat bed provides comfort on long and medium-haul flights.

Oman Air 3

Visitors will be able to sit in the wide seats and relax in a seat pitch of 82 inches before testing out the electronic privacy divider, dedicated wardrove, in-suite minibar, cocktail table and more.

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Abdulaziz Al Raisi, Acting Chief Executive of Oman Air, said, attendees, will see how the First Class Mini Suite is designed to meet travellers’ needs while providing them with “industry-leading luxury”.

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“We are very proud of our new product and are confident our guests will enjoy the ultimate experience travelling with us to Oman and beyond.”

Abdulaziz Al Raisi, Oman Air Acting Chief Executive

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