Say the word ‘flight’ followed by the word ‘delays’ over the loud speaker at an airport anywhere around the world and you can practically hear the rage bubbling inside thousands of travellers.

Flight delays are one the more irritating aspects of air travel and will often be met with hostility.

Unless, the reason for the lengthy wait is that there’s turtles on the runway.

That’s one of the things the Internet learned over the weekend when 40 diamondback terrapins crawled out of Jamaica Bay and onto JFK’s airfield.

According to reports, the pack of turtles were crossing the runway as part of their annual migration and were ushered along by Port Authority wildlife specialists who helped round them up and safely released them on the other side.

Despite causing “brief” flight delays, their migration was welcomed by flyers and social media, including Kibblesmith who was more than happy to wait until they’d safely crossed the runway:

While David couldn’t believe it was actually happening:

And Mostafa saw humour in the situation:

However, not everyone was pleased, like Gareth who said he had ‘no turtle love’:

What are some of the oddest reasons you’ve ever received for flight delays?