Who would’ve thought that one day the middle seat in Economy Class would be as attractive to flyers as a hyper-glazed chocolate dessert with a scoop of vanilla icing on the side?!

People may go out of their way to request the often rejected seat on Air New Zealand’s brand new A321neo because they’re three centimetres wider than the average middle Economy Class seat.

Spread out middle passenger because you finally can.


The new aircraft, which takes off on its inaugural flight from Auckland to Brisbane today, also offers window and aisle Economy Class seats that are one centimetre wider than the average.

Woohoo, extra room for everyone!


The only sacrifice needed to offer flyers additional seating space in Economy Class was cutting back on the width of the armrests.

The A321neo arrives in Brisbane later today on flight NZ739 from Auckland and is the first of 13 new Airbus neo aircraft to join Air New Zealand’s fleet.

In addition to wider Economy seats, the plane has 25 percent more overhead space and 15 percent more fuel efficient for greener flying.


Are you keen to check out the A321neo?