When Business Class isn’t on the table and it’s a choice between Economy and Premium Economy, more and more corporate companies are considering the latter for their staff.

Although the slightly more spacious and comfortable class hasn’t completely taken over the corporate industry yet, new research shows there’s a steady growth in the adoption of Premium Economy into company travel policies.

A report released by Flight Centre Travel Group’s (FCTG) business travel consulting division, 4th Dimension, found Premium Economy was part of one in every three corporate policies, while a further five percent were considering it.

United Airlines is just starting to develop the Premium Economy product.

United Airlines is just starting to develop the Premium Economy product.

One of the few things inhibiting the class’ growth in the corporate world is the shortage of availability, which makes sense considering major airlines such as Singapore Airlines only recently rolled out the class, while carriers like United Airlines are just starting to develop the product.

As a result, businesses are still choosing traditional options of Economy Class for flights under six hours and Business Class for flights over six hours.


More businesses are choosing Premium for their staff.

Routes where corporates are currently choosing to fly Premium Economy are those between Europe and North America, within North Asia and between Australia and Singapore.

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Which class would you prefer to fly for work?