We all know the facts (although most choose to ignore them) – planes are a flying metal compound of germs from the seats to the lavatories and let’s not get started on what’s sitting on those table trays.


No matter how thorough an airline may be during pre and post-flight cleaning, all sanitisation efforts go out the aircraft door the moment passengers steps on board. Let’s face it, we’re all walking blood bags of germs.


A Sydney-based specialist firm in the treatment and protection of plant and equipment says it may have found the solution to cleaner flying and it comes in the form of an antimicrobial product.

Named ‘Permagard Antimicrobial Shield’, the product has only just been approved for aircraft interiors and promises to reduce the spreading of germs and stop the spread of viral pandemics and infectious diseases.

germ free travel

How does it work?

The Permagard Antimicrobial Shield apparently destroys microbes ‘manually’ by rupturing the microbe cell wall or membrane.

The solution is applied to empty aircraft interior including air conditioning ducts and filters. It takes about 45 minutes for large aircraft and needs to re-applied on a 45-day cycle.

Producers say the invisible coating bonds with all surfaces forming a dense, microscopic shield or layer of sharp molecular pins. This spiky layer remains in place as a long- term microscopic coating, non-toxic to humans and unaffected by regular aircraft cleaning processes.

“In a mobile global community we are facing the challenge of how to continue to control the spread of known and emerging diseases.”

Chris Plastow, Permagard Group Director 

“It is a safe, highly effective process similar to antimicrobial treatments now used in hospitals and food processing plants.”

Do you think it’s possible for this product to reduce the spread of germs and infectious diseases?