It’s well known by now that Qantas & Air New Zealand have entered a new partnership to codeshare on 115 domestic routes across Australia and New Zealand. It was a very unexpected yet impressive reveal.

As part of the new-found relationship, Qantas and Air New Zealand agreed to tee-up their check-in and handling operations at airports, which gives travellers shorter connection times and access to more onward flights.

The pair also consented to giving each other’s loyalty members access to their combined 36 domestic lounges on both sides of the Tasman. This access commences when codeshare services launch on 28 October.


It’s all very generous but some (specifically loyalty members) REALLY want to know is… how many Qantas points and Status Credits will frequent flyers receive on Air New Zealand’s services?

Am I right or am I right?

We’re all aiming for that Platinum Status, so how quickly will codeshare flights get us there?


A Qantas spokesperson passed on a little background info to KARRYON and we can confirm that Qantas Frequent Flyer members will earn Qantas Points AND Status Credits on Air New Zealand’s codeshare flights.

A Flying Kangaroo’s loyalty member will earn up to 800 Points (not bad, not bad) on Discount Economy and Economy fares on Air New Zealand’s domestic flights, and 1,200 Points (nice, very nice) on Flexible Economy Fares.

Discount Economy and Economy flyers will receive 10 Status Credits on Air New Zealand’s domestic codeshare flights and Flexible Economy Flyers will receive 20 Status Points.


Very generous!

Happy earning and flying all!


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Are you happy with the loyalty points & status figures?