The man leading Qantas’ $1.4 billion business is personally taking $1 million out of his pay cheque this year and putting it towards the ‘Yes’ campaign for marriage equality in Australia.

The incredible donation comes after Alan Joyce said at a recent financial results press conference that he would make a “substantial donation to the campaign”.

According to The Australian, the $1 million donation is nearly half of Joyce’s base $2.1 million annual earnings.

Joyce and the airline have long backed marriage equality, so-much-so, that last month the airline announced its support of the ‘Yes’ vote in the upcoming nation-wide survey.

Qantas Alan Joyce 2

Joyce told News Corp in August that he believes companies that have backed marriage equality online should get out there and support it.

“There are 1,300 companies that have published their logo to support marriage equality including all the banks, all the airlines and I believe that those companies should go out there and support it,” he said.

Qantas 787

“They have given their logos and support to that campaign before and I have no doubt a large element of the business community will be out there supporting this campaign.”

Should Joyce’s $1 million contribution go ahead, it will be the largest individual donation to the campaign, according to Australian Financial Review.

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