The Boeing 787-9 really is a ‘Dream’ come true for airlines. Its special design creates network expansion opportunities, particularly for Qantas, which seems set on directly connecting Australia to all parts of the world.

The carrier revealed today that yes, it is considering new routes for its forthcoming Dreamliners, and they’re not just for Sydney and Melbourne.

Brisbane can expect to get a lot of the flight action too.

Qantas Plane

In a statement, the Flying Kangaroo said it will base half (four) of its Dreamliner fleet in the Sunshine State, which will not only create 470 new jobs but open up new potential international routes.

Like what routes?

Qantas Chief Executive Alan Joyce said ideas for new services are currently being discussed by the Flying Kangaroo’s team, however, he did point out that the airline’s Dreamliner is capable of flying non-stop from Brisbane to the home of Christian Grey aka Seattle…

Christian Grey

The home of the Bulls aka Chicago…


The home of the Charmed Ones aka San Francisco…


The home of Stargate aka Vancouver…


AND parts of Asia.

“A range of exciting options is on the table that will help drive tourism to the state and we look forward to making that decision in coming months.”

Alan Joyce, Qantas Chief Executive

With Qantas looking at new routes for its Dreamliners, this of course means that they’ll no longer be entirely used to replace the carrier’s 747 fleet.

Qantas will take delivery of its first Dreamliner in October 2017 with the 787-9 operating on domestic sectors for six weeks for crew training and familiarisation before its first scheduled Melbourne – Los Angeles service on 15 December 2017.

Where do you think Qantas should fly the Dreamliner?