Air New Zealand is kickin’ it ol’ school in its newest safety video featuring multi-coloured puff jackets, bucket hats, brightly matching track suits and so much more 90s inspo.

Released this morning, the slammin’ 4.30 minutes clip is the perfect new addition to Air New Zealand’s popular collection of safety videos because it’s likely to go as viral as the former Men in Black and Anna Faris clips, yet it’s still widely different.

Although it’s filmed on the same grand scale (if not, larger) as the airline’s previous safety videos, the ‘It’s Kiwi Safety’ production uses home-grown talent from 600 cast members to drive the message of in-flight safety.


The clip opens with Kiwi actor Julian Dennison silencing an outdoor dance-off to play ‘It’s Kiwi’ – a remake of the catchy AF Run-DMC song ‘It’s Tricky’ and Sisters Underground’s ‘In The Neighbourhood’.

Once the tune kicks in, local musicians Kings, Theia and Randa emerge to lay dope New Zealand and airline-inspired lyrics such as: “Kia Ora, got you flying across the border” and “It’s Kiwi to rock around to rock around in-flight safety, it’s Kiwi”.


Talented dancers from 30 community groups across the country keep viewers entertained with their bangin’ moves, while Air New Zealand staff demonstrate safety techniques.

Air New Zealand General Manager Global Brand and Content Marketing Jodi Williams said the newest clip celebrates New Zealanders in a fun and energetic take on the airline’s famous safety videos.


It’s Kiwi Safety is all about celebrating great Kiwi talent and the diverse groups which make up New Zealand, as well as a number of fantastic locations.  We know this video will make people proud to be New Zealanders – but will also showcase our unique Kiwi culture to the world.”

Jodi Williams, Air New Zealand General Manager Global Brand & Content Marketing

“We’ve never had so many people in one safety video before or filmed in so many locations,” Jodi added.


“It’s also been great to change up our formula and do a safety video in the style of a music video. We’re sure everyone is going to love the remixed track It’s Kiwi – while at the same time getting our key safety messages.”

Check it out below:


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