No longer will travellers be forced to endure hours of mind-numbing (and leg-numbing) waits on plastic seating inside a (very well equipped and quite entertaining) airport.

Instead, they’ll be able to pass the time in an open-air environment on San Francisco International Airport’s (SFO) outdoor terrace and observation deck.

Claustrophobic travellers, can I get an ‘oh yeah!’.

The 2,997-square-foot outdoor terrace is the gateway’s first post-security open-air space where travellers receive fresh air along with 180-degree views of the airfield. It’s also furnished with wooden chairs, tables and chaise lounges along with three bronze sculptures by local artist Woody Othello.

Although an open-air space, the terrace outside of Boarding Area G has ten-foot bird-safe glass panels that protect the space from winds and greenery to deliver a relaxing garden-like environment.

San Francisco International Airport’s Director Ivar C. Satero said the goal is to “create an experience second to none”.


Image: San Francisco International Airport

“This outdoor terrace gives our guests a relaxing oasis within our terminals and invites travellers to rediscover the excitement and magic of air travel.”

Ivar C. Satero, San Francisco International Airport Director

The terrace is part of a $55 million upgrade to the Airport’s International Terminal facilities. The airport plans to construct a second observation deck, located pre-security in Terminal 2, which is scheduled to open in October 2019. This space will be publicly accessible to anyone, and will not require a boarding pass for travel.


Do you think more airports need outdoor terraces?