Thousands of travellers hoping to get wasted in Thailand this weekend will be sorely disappointed after learning of the country’s strict & mandatory 24-hour alcohol ban.

All tourists will be required to adhere to the temporary ban against alcohol, which will come into force for Thailand’s election on the weekend of 23 and 24 March.

Can you hear the cries of disappointment?


For those expecting the ban won’t be too severe, all retailers are prohibited from selling alcohol during the period and Phuket Provincial Police Deputy Commander said authorities will be closely monitoring to ensure the rule is followed, reported.

“The ban on the sale of alcohol is mandatory by law.”

Sermpan Sirikong, Phuket Provincial Police Deputy Commander

“Police will enforce it that same as we do for the five Buddhist religious days throughout the year,” he added.

“I believe that foreign tourists will understand that this is law must be followed.”


Although the short ban may prevent travellers from getting completely wasted on the Saturday night (23rd), Thailand will resume selling liquid courage after the polls close on the 24th, which means tourists can make up for lost drinking on the Sunday night.


Would you survive the one-week detox?