Cabin crew always look smart, but let’s face it, their uniforms don’t always look super comfortable. If you flew with Lufthansa last Friday, you would have had a rare glimpse of very comfortable hosties, making their way up and down the aisles in sneakers.

The one-off event known as Lufthansa Sneaker Day was said to be a nod to employees going the extra mile to serve customers during a busy summer

The day saw the company even loosen its strict dress code for pilots, flight attendants and staff at check-in counters.

Sure, that’s sweet but the event was also conveniently timed to coincide with the launch of a new Lufthansa branded sneaker by Adidas which were exclusively available to Lufthansa employees.

Sneaky! But effective. The sneakers looked super cool and we’re all for them being introduced on a more permanent basis. That’s not going to happen though, Lufthansa has made that clear.

There’s only one airline we know of that allows their staff to wear sneakers and that’s Air France’s cool startup Joon.

The airline designed for millennials serves craft beer and the flight attendants get around in polo shirts and sneakers.


However, Lufthansa was at pains to point out that the one-off event is just that – cabin crew at the German carrier won’t be doing a full-on Joon anytime soon.

Do you think the sneakers should be a permanent part of the uniform? Let us know below.