What happens when you ask members of the public for their input on, well, on practically anything? You get a few brilliant responses in a sea of sarcasm and crude replies.

Well thankfully Qantas only needs eight incredible recommendations from its millions of followers who are currently assisting the airline in finding names for its forthcoming fleet of specially-designed Boeing 787 Dreamliners.

Qantas 787

People can submit up to eight suggestions each, but Qantas asks for only one thing, that recommendations reflect “the true Spirit of Australia”.

The carrier said: “Your suggestions should be around people, places or things that reflect the depth and breadth of this place we all call home. It could be a notable person, a ground breaking invention, a piece of our culture, a saying, a man-made or natural landmark, anything that sums up what Australia means to you.”

While we won’t be able to see the shortlist until 28 May, we here at the KarryOn office came up with a few of our own suggestions:

Our favourite is The ‘Skroo-liner’ – Flight Centre’s Managing Director is practically an Aussie icon so the ‘Skroo-liner’ is totally valid – although not sure how valid considering Qantas has financial interest in Flight Centre’s competitor Helloworld.

Graham 'Skroo' Turner, CEO Flight Centre Travel Group Limited

We’re also rooting for ‘The Donald Bradman’, ‘The Dundee’ and ‘The Dame Edna.’

And surely the Aussie favourite, ‘Chiko Roll’ might get a sniff?


Behold, the Chiko Roll Dreamliner

Looking at Australia’s natural landmarks, it might be fitting to name an aircraft after Australia’s highest peak, Kosciuszko, or perhaps a site as iconic and memorable as Qantas’ brand, Uluru.

If you have any great suggestions, Qantas is taking submissions here. A shortlist will be revealed on Sunday 28th May, when the public can vote for their favourites.

What would you name the Qantas Dreamliners? Go nuts and give us your best ideas 😉