“Hi and welcome to Auckland Airport,” the virtual projection said. “Today we’re going to discuss what you can and cannot bring onboard an aircraft.”

Don’t worry guys, this isn’t another speculation article on what the future of travel may look like, it’s a piece on how the future of aviation is already here.

Auckland Airport has taken a giant leap forward – think George Jetson meets Stargate‘s Ancients – with the introduction of holograms.


That’s right, while you read this, a laser projection of a pre-recorded employee is chatting to travellers in New Zealand.


While the technology isn’t entirely new to the world, you may remember Tupac’s virtual resurrection at Coachella back in 2012, it’s certainly a first for New Zealand’s travel industry.

Developed by Point Zero, the trial prototype is currently sitting near Auckland Airport’s security zone where it is showing biosecurity risks through images of fruit flies hitchhiking on an orange inside luggage.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 10.06.33 AM

According to technology company, Point Zero, the display will move around the gateway over the six months to determine whether it is an effective form of communication with the travelling public.

Additionally, it will give Auckland Airport a special ‘wow factor’, while also reducing waste from physical displays.

“If you think of the technology in these terms, the potential it has to really benefit the airport, and beyond, is huge.”

Chris Mather, Point Zero Managing Director

What do you think of holograms at airports?