Virgin Australia has turned a whole heap of half-arsed smiles and frowns into cheek-impaired grins after receiving a very red, very small, very high-pitched and incredibly adorable guest.


Yes, Elmo. As in the ‘ha ha ha that tickles’ completely non-scary monster from Sesame Street.

The lovable character stopped by Melbourne Airport yesterday en-route to Sydney where he chatted with fellow travellers – who did an outstanding job at suppressing those laughs – and assisted Virgin Australia staff with their pre-flight announcement.

“What sort of things do you need to do, when you’re getting ready to fly on the plane?” he asked in preparation for his aviation debut.

A couple of younger flyers enthusiastically reminded him that he needs to put his seat belt on, get ready and then “flyyyyy”.

Other more mature passengers congratulated the furry visitor on his new gig. Love this guy’s enthusiastic “oh wow”.

Before offering up tips like “getting the flight times right” and knowing the flight number.

He then goes on to give the pre-flight announcement for guests travelling on flight VA863 to Sydney.

Check out the clip below:

One last shout out to these business travellers waiting for their 4.30pm flight home, who look like they’re about done for the day but still managed to give Elmo the attention he deserved.

KarryOn has contacted Virgin Australia for more information on their special visitor.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen at an airport?