Surprisingly, when it comes to flying Aussies aren’t as concerned about flight delays and cancellations as much as they are with receiving fare refunds.

In the latest Airline Customer Advocate report, the advocacy group found that in 2016, the most complained about issue in air travel was a lack of response from airlines for refund requests.

Some 31 percent of the total complaints made last year, were in relation to refund requests, while some 25 percent were over flight delays and cancellations.


Baggage services were also a hot topic among flyers, with some 11 percent expressing disappointment over the service, followed by fees and charges (nine percent) and airport customer service (six percent).

In total, some 1,055 eligible complaints were submitted to the Airline Customer Advocate last year, a decrease of 12.2 percent on the previous year.


Tigerair received the highest number of complaints, particularly among flyers who were unsatisfied with the airline’s handling of refund requests and the number of flight cancellations and delays.

Virgin Australia, shockingly was the second most complained about carrier last year, ahead of Jetstar. This was largely due to the high number of complaints over refund requests.

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What your biggest pet peeve when it comes to flying?