The Earlybird race to sell Europe is on with Trafalgar Travel today launching their 2018 range and agent friendly $699* ‘transparent air deals’ (including taxes) on 95 of their Europe and Britain Journeys.

After an exclusive catch up with Gavin Tollman (CEO Trafalgar Travel), KarryOn can reveal that Trafalgar, who are currently celebrating their 70th birthday of global operations (with 50 years in Australia) are forging further ahead with their #agentsfirst strategy to help consultants be even more competitive in selling European trips for 2018.

The $699* return ‘transparent air deal’ has been named as such because it’s simple, easy to book and features minimal terms and conditions with no hidden costs or availability issues for travellers and agents.

Mr Tollman told us;

“Our agent partners consistently tell us that they really hate any deal that comes loaded with terms and conditions and leaves them having to disappoint customers when it’s is not available at the time they want to travel. This fare is the real deal and is one that’s aimed at helping agents create the best value for anyone going on a Trafalgar Europe and Britain trip in 2018.”


Mr Tollman went on to say; “If we’re not transparent with our agent partners and travellers, then we literally will have no business. It’s that simple. In two years we have amassed over 30,000 Trafalgar reviews on Feefo where customers have independently shared their experiences good and bad about our trips. It’s those reviews that give customers the confidence to travel with us and continually shape our business to be the best it can be.


Clearly Trafalgar Travel’s unique and brave move in taking the plunge on a review based strategy is paying off with a current Feefo Guest Satisfaction score of 97% and their European Sales seeing 24% growth in 2017 with solid forward preview sales already reported for 2018.

Mr Tollman said; “When we first approached Feefo to ask them if we could use their (until then) retail product only review service, their CEO thought we were crazy, but it has ended up transforming our business in ways we could never have imagined. From our operations through to our trips and the destinations we travel to, we now have the ability to tweak and fix details as we go based on the feedback we receive in real time.”


Sustainable travel begins in the places Trafalgar operate

Sustainability has also been another core value in Trafalgar’s ‘transparent’ approach with the brand striving to make an impact globally, locally and individually across all of its operations.

Aside from constantly refining the impact of all their journeys in the places they operate, the company’s ‘JoinTrafalgar’ initiative gives guests the option to choose from a variety of experiences on trips to help support local communities, such as a visit to the Giuditta Brozzetti Studio in Perugia in Italy.


Marta Cucchia, Giuditta Brozzetti Studio, Perugia, Italy

Established in 1921, Marta Cucchia is the only person in the world still using jacquered wooden looms to weave Umbrian, Medieval and Renaissance designs from wool and silk. Every visit supports JoinTrafalgar’s efforts to keep the ancient craft alive.

“It’s zero to do with what you think about your brand any more. It’s purely what your customers think about you that will define your success or failure”.

Gavin Tollman (CEO Trafalgar Travel)

Trafalgar have added three new European Journeys as part of their 2018 Programme including a new Wonders of Italy 11 day trip, a 9 day Great Iberian cities trip and a 9 day Best of Norway trip.

The Trafalgar ‘transparent air deal’ deal is only valid until 2nd November 2017 or until sold out. Judging by the success of last year’s Trafalgar Earlybird deal it won’t last so best get your skates on.

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*The deal excludes Eastern Mediterranean, Greece, Turkey, Jordan, Israel & Egypt trips.




The refreshed Trafalgar Agent website

All of Trafalgar’s journeys are also available to book on their refreshed agent website that has gone live today.

With a host of new functionality and an engine to book land and air its another reason to make your life easier as an agent booking Trafalgar.

Read on for more.

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