While the US looks at building barriers with its neighbours, Qantas’ Alan Joyce wants to break them between Australia and its close companion, New Zealand.

The Chief Executive recently spoke of his desire to simplify travel between the two countries to the point where flying across the Tasman would be similar, if not, the same as travelling domestically, SBS reported.

Speaking at the Trans-Tasman Business Circle in Wellington, Joyce said “seamless access” would make it easier for business travellers and “make tourism a lot easier”.

Qantas Alan Joyce 2

“There’s no reason why the travel between the two countries should be not like travel within New Zealand.”

Alan Joyce, Qantas CEO

He continued, explaining that from an infrastructure perspective, simplified travel across the Tasman would ease pressure on international facilities as the carrier would be able to use domestic terminals instead.

Joyce’s comments are an extension to last week’s formation of the ‘Airlines for Australia and New Zealand’ group, which fights for fairer taxes and airport fees.

Air New Zealand

The advocacy group is made up of Qantas and its low-cost subsidiary Jetstar along with aviation rivals, Virgin Australia, Air New Zealand, Tigerair Australia and Regional Express.

According to Air NZ’s Chief Executive, Christopher Luxon, local airlines are facing increased competition and struggling to make improvements to cost and quality of travel due to under investment in key airports.

Do you think travel to New Zealand should be like domestic travel?