Low-cost Singaporean airline Scoot is nothing short of ambitious. Last year the airline entered Europe for the first time with its Singapore to Athens route, and in June, it will add its Second European destination, Berlin.

So when KARRYON sat down to chat with Scoot’s Chief Commercial Officer Vinod Kannan, we weren’t surprised to learn of more impressive plans.

“Over the next five years we want to double our fleet size.”

Scoot’s Chief Commercial Officer Vinod Kannan.

Yes. Double it.

Scoot's Chief Commercial Officer Vinod Kannan.

Scoot’s Chief Commercial Officer Vinod Kannan.

At present, Scoot has a mixed fleet of 16 Boeing 787 Dreamliners and 24 Airbus 320 aircraft.

It now has an order for 39 new Airbus A320neo aircraft.

“We are here to stay and to keep growing,” Kannan said.

The launch of the carrier’s four times weekly Singapore to Berlin route on June 20, 2018 will make Scoot will the first low cost carrier in South East Asia to fly non-stop to the German city.


“We are giving Australians beautiful new destinations to fly to with us,” Kannan told KARRYON.

Beautiful and cheap. Right now, promo fares from Singapore to Berlin lead in from a crazy $359 for a seat only, one way.
Australia is a “crucial” market for Scoot.

This can be seen in the fact that the airline has just upped its frequency from Singapore to the Gold Coast from four to five times weekly.

In June it will increase its flights from Melbourne to Singapore from 5 to 7 time weekly and up its Sydney to Singapore route from 7 to 8.

“Australia has been going really well for us.”

Scoot’s Chief commercial officer Vinod Kannan.

“Now we just need to show Australia that there is potential to travel beyond Singapore with Scoot.”

Scoot currently serves a network of 63 destinations across 17 countries.

Kannan said he was “very happy” with the popularity of Scoot flights out of Australia which averaged 80 – 85% load factors.

Scoot Airlines 787 selfie

“While this is incredible it still means there is more room to fill,” he said.

Kannan said Scoot would continue to connect with the Australia market through travel agents, and by communication with Aussies in the carrier’s trademark “quirky, loving and casual way”.

“Most importantly, the Aussie passengers recognise the value we bring,” he concluded.

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