Ultra long-haul flying, a necessary evil that comes with travelling the world. Especially if you’re an Aussie or a Kiwi (we’d love to visit you in Europe, just give us a day or two to get there).

As the length of non-stop flights keep increasing, are you still up-to-date with the lengthiest routes across our skies?

We’ve put together a list of the five longest flights (along with all the key figures you need to know) so that you can impress your clients next time they ask about long-haul flying. You’re welcome.

1.  Newark, New Jersey to Singapore


Aviation geeks, don’t yell at us. We know no one is flying this route right now but Singapore Airlines has confirmed it will begin flying the crazy long route from October this year.

Distance: 15,300 kilometres

Time: 18 hours 45 minutes

2. Auckland, New Zealand, to Doha, Qatar

If we’re strictly speaking about the longest route in the world today, then this Qatar Airways flight is the one. Lucky they have good in-flight service.

Distance: 14,500km kilometres

Time: 17 hours, 40 minutes

3. Perth, Australia, to London UK

The Flying Roos’ famous non-stop flight to London made history when it started back in March as the first commercially scheduled non-stop service between Australia and Europe.

Distance: 14,498 Kilometres

Time: 17 hours, 20 minutes

4. Auckland, New Zealand, to Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Emirates A380 staff

This lengthy Emirates flight is another killer for circulation. Let’s hope the in-flight movies are good.

Distance: 14,200 kilometres

Time: 17 hours, 5 minutes

5. Los Angeles to Singapore

The United Dreamliner 787

The United Dreamliner 787

Yes, the flight time on this United service is longer than number 4, but the kilometers, slightly less

Distance: 14,113 Kilometres

Time: 17 hours 55 minutes

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Did you know the longest flights in the world off the top of your head? Kudos to you if you did!