It may not be the world’s shortest service or even the speediest in North America, but United surely is helping give new meaning to ‘short haul’ travel with a new 16-minute flight.

Taking off this week, the faster-than-some-coffee-shops service operates three times weekly between Santa Rosa in San Francisco and California’s wine country, Sonoma.

Covering just over 100km in the air, the flight takes no more than 16 minutes to complete from traverse wheels up to wheels down.

So in the time it takes you to warm up for a workout…


Read through a Wikipedia page (depending on the detail available on the topic)…


Or make one of Jamie Oliver’s 15-minute meals (plus the minute it takes to find all the ingredients in the cupboard)…


A group of people have flown to a different city and are ready to get their wine tasting on at one of 425 wineries in Sonoma County.

In an email to KarryOn, United said Agents booking the flight for their clients will find the schedule says ’45 minutes’ for the service, however, this extra time has simply been allotted to ensure flights depart and arrive on time.

While United’s new route is one speedy service for the United States, it’s surprisingly not the shortest flight in North America. That title belongs to Greater Toronto Airways’ 15-minute service from Toronto to Niagara.

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What’s the shortest flight you’ve ever taken?