Virgin Australia may have only recently flipped the switch on its domestic inflight wi-fi but it’s ready to take the system around the world on international services.

The carrier announced this week that it would rollout wi-fi out on its Boeing 737 aircraft followed by its Boeing 777 aircraft in October this year.

The system installment is expected to be complete by the end of 2018, meaning Virgin Australia passengers flying to L.A. on those 777s will be able to access their emails, Facebook and even Netflix at 32,000-feet.

Virgin Australia wi-fi

Virgin’s Airbus A330s will be the last to receive inflight wi-fi but are expected to be online by mid-2019.

“We want to provide the world’s most rewarding travel experience and we know that enabling our guests to remain connected while flying is central to that.”

John Borghetti, Virgin Australia Chief Executive

Virgin Australia

Meanwhile, during a three-month test of inflight wi-fi on the airline’s Boeing 737 aircraft, the carrier received a 77 percent satisfaction rate from guests with almost half using the system to access their emails and social media, while the rest used the internet to read the news, send text messages and watch Netflix.

What would you do with access to inflight wi-fi?