It seems a Queensland man who could not wait to get to Bali to drink copious amounts of alcohol, instead caused an emergency landing at Bali’s airport when he attempted to enter the cockpit of a Virgin Australia flight from Brisbane to Denpasar while drunk.

The incident was first reported as a hijacking attempt by the pilot, however Virgin Australia airport manager at Ngurah Rai, Heru Sudjatmiko said it was a drunk passenger on board flight VA41 that had tried to enter the cockpit of the plane but had been stopped by the crew.

The flight landed safely after the man was handcuffed and put into a rear seat of the Boeing 737-800. The perpetrator was placed in police custody and is now being interrogated. The incident has since been described as a ‘communication mis-understanding’.

“There are incorrect reports that a Virgin Australia aircraft was hijacked en route to Denpasar this is not correct. The aircraft in question has landed safely and at no point was the safety of our passengers ever in question,” Virgin said in a statement on their Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Not surprisingly the story has already gone global with all major news sources alarmingly reporting what was initially thought a hijacking. Many questions remain at this point, such as who is this person? Just how many drinks exactly did they consume inside a six hour flight? Why were they served so many? What was the so called ‘communication mis-understanding?’ And what will happen to the drunk now? Stay tuned for more on this story from us in the coming days.

What punishment do you think should the drunk that brought Bali to a standstill and the worlds gaze receive?