The Australian airline is working hard to re-accommodate almost 6,000 travellers booked on upcoming flights between Auckland and Apia after the Samoan government expressed intention to deny its right to fly between the two cities.

Virgin Australia’s Samoa flights were announced last month as an alternative to Virgin Samoa, which will officially be dismantled on 12 November.

The carrier said it was hoping to keen connections between Australia, New Zealand and Samoa open with its own direct services, scheduled to take off on 13 November.

Virgin Australia's Samoa flights

Although Virgin Australia’s request for direct services from Australian cities to Apia was approved, the airline didn’t have as much luck with its request for direct flights from Auckland.

A Virgin Australia spokesperson said in a statement that the carrier is “disappointed’ with the government’s decision and is working with the Australian government to encourage “the Samoan government to reconsider its decision”.

“Virgin Australia is renowned for bringing choice and competition to the aviation market and we want to continue to support Samoa and provide valuable tourism opportunities to the Samoan economy.”

Virgin Australia Spokesperson

Virgin Australia's Samoa flights

Some 6,000 people are believed to be affected by the decision. Virgin Australia is attempting to re-accommodate these guests by providing options to fly via Australia or receive a refund.

“Virgin Australia’s proposed direct flights between Brisbane, Sydney and Apia have been approved by the Samoan Government and these flights will commence on 13 November,” the spokesperson added.

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Is anyone you know affected by the decision to deny Virgin Australia’s Samoa flights?