No, you don’t need to miss out on the latest news or the action from the big game when you’re up in the clouds, thanks to a new in-flight live TV service being introduced by Virgin Atlantic onboard its Dreamliners.

Until quite recently, being up in the clouds meant you were effectively cut off from what was happening on the ground, unless you made use of the aircraft’s Wi-Fi service to access news websites or Facebook.

But not anymore, thanks to Virgin Atlantic.

Virgin Atlantic’s new live TV service – which will be totally FREE – will be incorporated into the airline’s already impressive in-flight entertainment system on all its 13 Boeing  787 Dreamliners by the end of 2016.

Initially, three channels will available for passengers to enjoy: BBC News and CNN International will take care of the latest news, whilst Sport 24 will keep passengers abreast of the latest sport scores and action, such as the UEFA Champions League, Premier League, and the NBA.

Credit: Virgin Atlantic /

Credit: Virgin Atlantic /

Sport 24 also recently showed all the action from Rio 2016.

The new innovation for Virgin Atlantic, which is the result of a partnerships between Panasonic Avionics and IMG, is just another step in the right direction for the brand in giving customers what they want/need when flying with them.

“We know staying up to date with current affairs and sporting events is really important to our customers and it’s fantastic we can now offer them the opportunity to view content live. We always put our customers at the heart of everything we do and this is just another example of us being able to expand on our promise of making travelling with us irresistible.”

Stephen King, Head of Asia Pacific, Virgin Atlantic Airways.

Passengers onboard one of the Dreamliners will be able to access the channels via their back-seat screen or on their own devices via Wi-Fi. How cool is that?!

However, this latest development certainly isn’t surprising at all, considering Virgin Atlantic’s impressive reputation at being the leaders in aviation.

For example, back in 1991, Virgin Atlantic was the first airline ever to introduce individual seat back screens in all cabin classes, and the airline has plans to introduce Wi-Fi connectivity across its entire fleet by the end of 2017.

The airline was also the first to introduce the Premium Economy product, fit a walk-up bar in Upper Class, develop a fully flatbed seat and fly a commercial aircraft on biofuels.

Are you excited about the prospect of staying up to date on news when you’re flying across the Atlantic?