Want to run away to Europe with just a backpack? Scoot says YES you can, all you have to do is stay within your generous 10KG karry-on!

Have you ever looked enviously at those who travel with just a compact bag as carry on, and think, how DO they do it? #trendsetter. You too can join that growing army of travellers of all ages, who are packing light, because Scoot has the solution!

Why not ditch the suitcase and travel karry-on only? *gasp* No, really. It can be done! Whether you’re on your next flight to Athens, Berlin or even Honoloulu, skip the queue with your carry-on and take a look below as we reveal some packing tips from the pros…


On the flight

Your packing genius doesn’t start when you arrive, it starts at the airport! Don’t have room for two pairs of jeans? Wear one on the plane and pack the other. Layers. Are. EVERYTHING. Have a look at capsule wardrobes online, this will seriously change the way you plan your vacation outfits!

When choosing a piece to take on holiday, ask yourself, can I wear this with at least two other items I have already packed? If the answer is a no, it stays behind.


#1 EXAMPLE: Party like a pro in Berlin


Ah Berlin, home of techno music, alternative fashion, and really awesome hair-do’s. This is a raver’s paradise with music clubs hosting exclusive gigs everywhere in the city. But don’t be tempted to pack your feather boa and sequins, Berlin is very much on the minimalist side of fashion right now.

If you are deemed as being over-dressed you may not even get into the club! Think simple, muted colours and try to act like you don’t care about anything while you stand in line. Taking your outfit from street to club has never been easier.


#2 EXAMPLE: Skinny dipping in Santorini


Don’t panic, we’re only joking. Or are we?! Ladies, you don’t need to pack 54 swimsuits just to get the perfect insta-model shot in each of them, honest.

The best tip for water-lovers on holiday here is to pack two bikinis and alternate, plus it means you won’t have a crazy myriad of tan lines!

Along the same lines, a compact beach towel is a MUST for travel. Don’t lug around a huge bulky blanket in your suitcase, you can get beach towels that can literally fit in your handbag nowadays!


Now halve it

Okay, so you now have a pile of clothes that are somehow STILL spilling out of your carry-on bag. This is the most important step: halve the pile. That’s right, now it gets tough.

Do you really need that third pair of shorts? You’ll probably buy a new pair in Athens and want to show them off in your photos. Shoes are the biggest culprit here, cobblestones and heels DO NOT go together! Ditch ‘em.


The essentials


Don’t forget to pack smart essentials like a USB charger plug that you can use to charge any device with a cable.

Your handbag is secondary to your carry-on bag so use that for essentials you’ll need on the flight like lip balm, headphones etc. Don’t bother packing your entire bottle of shampoo, buy travel sized goodies or even better buy local when you arrive!


Get inspired and Escape the ordinary with Scoot!

Why bring luggage when you are a packing pro?!

Scoot’s FLY fares (that are ridiculously cheap including taxes) give you 10kg of carry-on for you to travel with ease and agility. Did you know? Scoot’s 787s have the roomiest overhead bins for your carry-ons so no need to fight over space! Even better!

Escape the ordinary and start your adventure by exploring the world with Scoot and just your carry-on!




Ever backpacked in Europe? Share your experience below!

Written by Christina Woods, KARRYON contributor

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