Full-service airlines are stepping up their audits of carry-on bags, but don’t worry; you won’t be seeing the baggage vulture weighing luggage at all departure gates anytime soon.

In a statement this week, the Flying Kangaroo confirmed that it had renewed its focus on carry-on bags to ensure people aren’t taking advantage of its generous allowances.

A Qantas Spokesperson said in an email to KARRYON that the decision to step up audits came after receiving feedback from flyers that raised concerns over fellow passengers who needed reminding on carryon-luggage limits.


Image: Yolanda Sun/Unsplash

As a result, the airline’s airport staff have been instructed to check the weight and size ofbags to ensure they meet requirements.

“We’re renewing our focus to keep cabin baggage within the allowances and to ensure everyone has their fair share of space onboard.”

Qantas Spokesperson

“Ensuring that allowances are being followed will also help reduce delays during the boarding process and ensure an on-time departure,” the Spokesperson added.

“Cabin bins that are too full or bags that are too heavy can cause a safety risk for both customers and crew.”

Virgin Australia is also taking time to remind its flyers of carry-on limits by warning them at various times of their trip from the time they book to check-in, News.com.au reported.


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