Say farewell to the Tigerair brand – well, the one operating outside of Australia – because the low-cost carrier is about to merge into Singapore’s Scoot to form one mega no-frills airline.

The integration will commence on 25 July this year, when the two begin operating under a common license and the Singaporean airline ditches its TZ flight code in favour of Tigerair’s TR code.

While flight schedules are expected to remain the same, will become the single booking platform for all fights and the Scoot call centre will handle service bookings for both airlines.

Tigerair feature

Guests will soon find airport check-in counters to reflect only the Scoot brand and the Tigerair fleet of Airbus A320s will be dressed in Scoot’s livery by mid-2018.

For staff, the merger means new uniforms! The united carrier will roll out a refreshed look for its crew to celebrate the “new chapter ahead”.

Scoot Airlines Feature 2

“The Scoot brand, known for its cheeky and fun vibe as well as innovative products, is well-loved by travellers around the world.”

Mr Lee Lik Hsin, Budget Aviation Holdings CEO

“We are looking forward to taking the brand further and offering guests a seamless travel experience throughout Scoot’s expanded network, with the completion of our integration into a single airline.”

Scoot Airlines feature 3

All guests with existing flight bookings scheduled on 25 July or later will be contacted via e-mail from 15 June to 23 July. Existing Scoot guests will also be provided with updated itineraries to reflect the change in flight designator code from TZ to TR.

This is like the Mighty Morphin Megazord of the aviation industry.

What do you think of the merger?