A group of very fortunate souls have been given the rare opportunity to experience the stretched-out & almost all-inclusive side of flying for the cost of a basic Economy seat.

Cathay Pacific’s online system rebelled (those robots!) against the airline this week by selling Business Class tickets at Economy prices.

‘What an unfortunate error’, said none of the travellers who happened to be on the airline’s website on New Year’s Day, when the mistake went live.

Lucky holidaymakers were able to pick up return Business Class seats from either Canada or the US to Da Nang in Vietnam from US$675, a drastic saving the actual cost of US$16,000, SBS reported.

The online error is believed to have cost the carrier thousands, but despite the loss, Cathay Pacific has agreed to honor the largely discounted fares.


In a tweet, the carrier wished its followers a Happy New Year, especially those who bought the “VERY good surprise ‘special’ on New Year’s Day”.

While online pricing errors aren’t entirely new to the industry, Cathay Pacific did manage to surprise travellers last year when it accidentally misspelt its own name on one of its planes. Yep, click here to read the full story.


Did anyone you know manage to book those accidentally discounted fares?