Since launching in November 2011, Scoot Airlines has been redefining the stigma of low cost carriers when it comes to being agent friendly.

KarryOn chatted to Scoot General Manager Australia, Jared Simcox, to get the lowdown on why the airline says the present is now; the future is yellow!

“The first part of working with the trade starts with us! We are trade friendly,” Simcox said.

Scoot has some fare classes loaded to GDS, available via API. They host a native agent portal ‘SkyAgent”, which replicates the customer facing website but for travel agents and with some extra bells and whistles.

“This said, we’ve been focused on getting the basics right – delivering an awesome trade experience as well as an awesome customer experience, and that takes some practice and most importantly feedback from the front lines who are talking to customers every day,” Simcox added.

“We’re in it for the long term and know we can’t continue this awesome journey without our friends in the travel agent community, who have been immensely supportive so fare. We do offer special fares to our trade partners, and I’m also always happy to hear from our partners about the things we’re doing well, things we can improve, and opportunities to cooperate.”

Scoot has resources online for travel agents wanting to learn more about the Scoot product. The website holds information about the product, but also how to get set up with Scoot.

Additionally, Simcox is always available to have a chat.


With Scoot launching flights to Europe last year, now really is the time to get to know the airline and set up to sell through the agent portal. Simcox added that Europe is performing really well.

“We’ve seen a spectacular response from our Australian customers who are choosing to visit friends and family in Greece, but also check it out as a holiday destination which we’re thrilled about. We’ve also noted that some people are heading Greece as a first stop on Scoot, before exploring the rest of Europe. We’re very pleased with the initial feedback from our first flights which kicked off last late June, and look forward to seeing this route go from strength to strength.”

So, what does the future hold for Scoot? The little yellow planes ‘that could’ five years ago are now a shiny fleet of Dreamliners, and with the integration of Tiger Airs A320s and A319s in to the Scoot family, they now cover 59 destinations around the globe.

“We’re growing, diversifying, and offering customers the option to choose what matters to them when they fly – it’s not just about being cheap, but being flexible and offering value,” Simcox said.

“If someone wants to rock up to Singapore for a weekend for less than a night out in Sydney – Scoot can do, or perhaps a family is looking to save on their air tickets so they can spend on their accommodation and activities, or if a business person wants the comforts of a premium flying experience in ScootBiz and great wifi connectivity – we can do that too. It’s about offering the bits the customer wants, when they want it, for a price that offers value and the right amount of flexibility.”

While the airline remains tight lipped on which future routes will be on offer, KarryOn has been told that there are exciting things are in the pipeline. The airline’s CEO will be making a special announcement on the 25th of July when they celebrate the completion of the merger with Tiger Asia – so watch this space!