Air New Zealand seems to be cooking up some new ideas and seeking out new ways to build on its reputation as the airline with the most creative and hilarious safety videos.

In case you’ve forgotten, Air New Zealand has a history of successfully merging safety videos with pop culture to ensure its guests are attentive during the important demonstration while also building brand awareness in new destinations.

So far, the company has teamed up with legends such as Richard Simmons and Betty White and sported Elvine ears for the Lord and the Rings and The Hobbit-inspired videos.


And let’s not forget the huge buzz over the airline’s last video ‘Men in Black Safety Defenders‘, which received over 3.4 million views on Youtube.

Now it looks like the airline is about to build on its safety success and may have just dropped a BIG clue on which celebrity could star in the next video.

Air New Zealand’s US-Twitter page posted up a tweet, asking fans to re-write Taylor Swift’s newest single ‘Out of the Woods’ with a safety theme.

The post was shared on Facebook where the airline claims the challenge was created in honour of the song’s music video which was filmed in New Zealand.

“Taylor Swift’s lyrics are good, but we reckon we could do them…well, safer.”

Air New Zealand

“Comment with your best T-Swift Safety lyrics below and you and a friend could be jet setting your way to New Zealand AND see Taylor Swift in 2016 back in the States. Best lyrics get the tickets!”


Taylor Swift is currently the face of NYC’s marketing organisation, NYC & Company.

Now, this could simply be a competition and a genius marketing campaign to tap into the hype over T-Swift’s new video or it could be the start of the airline’s next major safety video.

If it’s the latter, then it would be Taylor Swift’s second major alliance with a travel company. She is currently the face of NYC’s marketing organisation, NYC & Company.

Do you think we’re onto something or is this another genius marketing move?