‘Flights to Bali are running as scheduled. No wait, they’re suspended for now. Good news, flights are back up. No, no, they’re not. Oh yay, services to Bali are set to resume. Hold on, no they’re not.’

The ongoing (and completely understandable) back and forth on flights to Bali has everyone wondering whether Aussies stranded in Bali will get home anytime soon, or specifically, before Christmas?

With only around three weeks to go until the festival period officially begins, Santa may need to re-route on over to Indonesia in order to deliver presents to the thousands of tourists stuck on the island.

Or will he?


Should weather conditions remain favourable and ash cloud steer clear of the airport, airlines may be able to bring a few thousands passengers home today.

Among the carriers is Virgin Australia, which is closely monitoring the situation and believes it may be able to fly scheduled services out of the island.

The same goes for Jetstar and Qantas, but it all comes with the warning of potential last minute cancellations due to “unstable conditions”.

Feeling confident, Jetstar’s David Lau, said in an online statement that ash from the volcano has “significantly” cleared.

“Conditions have improved and the ash has reduced significantly.”

David Lau, Jetstar Head of Engineering 

Meanwhile, all three airlines will continue to suspend flights from Australia to Bali, meaning those with trips booked to the island will need to make alternative plans.

Travel insurance company, Southern Cross Travel Insurance, says those with affected plans in and out of Bali should ensure they hold onto all documentation of delays or cancellations along with receipts of additional expenses.

Whether your flights are delayed or cancelled, customers who took out insurance with SCTI and other insurers before 22 September may be able to make a claim if their pre-paid travel plans, such as accommodation and tours, need to be altered.

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