Pre-flight comfort doesn’t get much better than Quito International’s Sala VIP Airport Lounge, where there’s no shortage of privacy, space, pampering & fine dining.

That is, according to Priority Pass, which recently named Sala VIP as the ‘World’s Best Airport Lounge’.

Although you may not have previously heard of the Ecuador-inspired pre-flight space, a little research proves that it may very well be worth the title.

For example, Sala VIP has dedicated sleeping areas where guests can catch some zzz’s in suites. That’s right, rest time before fly time.


Massage rooms are available inside the airport lounge for those who need a little R&R before boarding, along with showers for a pre-flight clean.

Food and alcohol are of top priority in the space, with a menu designed by local Chef Andrés Miño, which includes international and Ecuadorian cuisine, while fine wines are selected from the lounge’s private cellar.


To top it all off, the airport lounge has unbeatable views of Quito’s sunsets, along with 24-hour access and private working spaces.

The President and Chief Executive of Quiport (the owners of Sala VIP), Andrew O’Brian, said he’s proud of the space’s universal appeal that captures Quito’s spirit as well as its “warmth, colour and great food”.

“Taking in our famous sunsets while viewing the spectacular Andes landscape is a perfect way to relax before a flight and we’re thrilled that this unique experience, coupled with our excellent customer service, has left a lasting impression on our guests.”

Andrew O’Brian, Quiport President & CEO


Have you spent time in Quito’s award-winning airport lounge?