Prepare your eyes, your ears and your inner child for what is undoubtedly the MOST JAW-DROPPING and cringe-worthy (and in a way hilarious) thing you’ll hear and see ALL DAY.

This isn’t an understatement nor a click bait attempt, it’s actually a Mile High WTF!

A couple was recently filmed getting busy at 32,000-feet on a Silver Airways flight to Mexico IN FRONT of other passengers.

If you’re thinking, “yeah, this happens all the time”, I’m going to stop you right there because this ISN’T like any other Mile High romp.

The couple WERE NOT subtle, they DIDN’T attempt to cover their behaviour with a blanket and they DIDN’T try do it somewhere relatively private like the lavatory.

The woman mounted her partner in the back row of the plane, RIGHT BEHIND other passengers, and then rode her other-half ’till they experienced their own internal turbulence.


Watch the video below:


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What would you do in a Mile High situation like this?