Founder of Wendy Wu Tours, Wendy Wu doesn’t rest on her laurels. She is always innovating to find ways to make it easier for travellers from around the world to holiday in China.

During her trip to Australia last week, we were lucky enough to catch up with Wendy Wu, who shared details about what’s new for 2020.

One of her most exciting announcements is that she has been lobbying the government to simplify the visa process for visitors.

Thanks to this, Wendy Wu customers from Australia (who are travelling to China less than 30 days) and arriving through Shanghai or Chongqing International Airports, can leave those pesky visa applications up to Wendy Wu.

Wendy Wu

All customers will need to do is upload a digital photo and a copy of their passport with Wendy Wu taking care of the rest of the Visa process for them.

“You won’t need to apply for a visa the normal way. You don’t need to fill out any forms anymore. And all we need to do is get some details from you…then we will be able to do the rest and the visa will be posted to you. It’s minimal hassle for the customers”.

Wendy Wu, Founder of Wendy Wu Tours

Wendy Wu said they were also lobbying the government for the same process to apply to “Beijing and many other cities” across China.

Wendy Wu also spoke of the way that China is now a cashless society, with most people paying for everything via the app We Chat.

This can be tricky for tourists, as to pay via We Chat you need a Chinese bank account.

To simplify this, Wendy Wu can now arrange $1000 worth of preloaded We Chat payments for Australian clients.

Wendy Wu also spoke of what an exciting destination China is to visit – because it offers the unique meeting point of traditional and futuristic attractions.