Did you know that the wider state of New York has castles? We’re not referring to just a couple of really large mansions, we’re talking full-blown royal-like castles & there are “tons of them”.

We didn’t, not until New York State’s Division of Tourism lowered the drawbridge and let us in on the state’s royal side during last month’s IPW in Anaheim.

A spokesperson for the tourism board told KARRYON that New York is home to “heaps” of castles, one of which travellers would most definitely recognise from a Taylor Swift video.


Yes, Taylor Swift.

The pop star, who is vocal about her passion for New York, included Oheka Castle in her Blank Space film clip a few years back (you know, the clip with the white horse, white cat, three black dogs and an incredibly handsome love interest? Click here to rewatch), and while it may seem as though the historic building belongs somewhere in Europe, it’s actually on Long Island.


Image: BoldtCastle.com

It’s just one of many in the state, along with the historical Boldt Castle in Alexandria Bay, Highlands Castle overlooking Lake George, and Hempstead House in Sands Point.

There’s also Singer Castle on Dark Island, which is available for tourists to book for an overnight stay. The starting rate for a night in the New York castle is US$500 BUT it comes with a butler, million dollar views of the Canadian sunset (it’s near the border) and an American sunset, as well as a modern bath, luxury furnishings and more.


Singer Castle is available for overnight bookings.

The majority of New York’s castles were built throughout the 1800s and early 1900s. They’re grand in design and are generally surrounded by miles of greenery.

‘Scuse us, just booking an overnighter in a NY castle.


Have you visted one of the state’s castles? Tell us what you loved about it below.