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August 15 is just around the corner for the long-awaited debut of the Scenic Eclipse and their first Discovery Yacht’s inaugural voyage.

To further the anticipation and excitement, Scenic has released the first interior images of the ships Scenic Neptune submarine.

The Neptune submarine will offer up to eight dives a day and be able to accommodate six passengers and a pilot, giving guests a unique chance to explore the underwater world in comfort.

The vessel can dive to a depth of 300m with the seats able to swivel 280 degrees to take in panoramic underwater views from both sides of the craft.

Inside the Scenic Neptune Sub

Inside the Scenic Neptune Sub

The acrylic spheres on the submarine are made from a material with the same refraction index as seawater, meaning the ship “visually disappears” under the ocean providing a “very open and spacious feeling”, Scenic said.

Other onboard amenities include internal climate control and a surround sound music system, as well as strong exterior lights to illuminate the fine details of the underwater sights.

Scenic says the submarine will allow guests to explore dive sites ranging from sunken wrecks and tropical reefs to the sea floor in Antarctica.

Safety is, naturally, a massive priority, with the submarine design incorporating multiple safety features, including the ability to automatically resurface in the event of a power outage, as well as the ability to be towed at speed or travel under its own power on the surface.

An Iceland & Atlantic Canada sailing from Reykjavik to Quebec will christen the Eclipse with her first sailing on August 15, followed by sailings down the east coast of North America.

Scenic Eclipse

Scenic Eclipse

“Guests will embark on an awe-inspiring adventure to the underwater world. Volcanic pinnacles, sheer walls, majestic wrecks, a wide diversity of marine life and beautiful reefs lie waiting to be discovered.

“The world has many spectacular dive sites waiting for us to explore, from sunken wrecks and vibrant tropical reefs to a seafloor teeming with life in Antarctica.”

Scenic Neptune pilot Remy Izendooren


Would you be game to try out the Scenic Eclipse Neptune submarine?