The Great Barrier Reef is getting its first underwater hotel next year with plans revealed for the unique project to be built just off Lady Musgrave Island.

The health of The Great Barrier Reef is a serious concern right now, so some may question if building an underwater hotel is really the right choice.

Luckily, the hotel is small scale, solar powered and said to be eco-friendly, with the profit it generates through tourism ultimately used to support the reef.


The 36-metre floating pontoon will have three levels, one of which will descend three-metres underwater with “submerged aquarium accommodation” for up to 24 people.

Each room will have 360-degree views of the coral reef, while upstairs the pontoon will act as a base for snorkelling, diving, glass bottom boat tours and environmental data collection.

It will also host an underwater observatory with UV lighting, so visitors can experience the reef at night

Great Barrier Reef KarryOn

All the decking on the pontoon is going to be made from recycled materials including recycled milk bottles.

The State Government is contributing $1 million to the development of the hotel which is planned to open in April 2020.

The Great Barrier Reef depends largely on tourism revenue to fund preservation and protection and the new hotel is expected to attract more than $1.8 million in visitor expenditure each year.


Are you for or against the new underwater hotel?