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Are Australians falling out of love with Asia?

Aussies love Asia. I love Asia. But travel patterns, geopolitics and crazy leaders could see a decline to some of our favourite destinations.

Aussies love Asia. I love Asia. But travel patterns, geopolitics and crazy leaders could see a decline to some of our favourite destinations.


Let’s look at some of the key factors affecting perceptions of our key destinations.



11. China_GreatWall

Our relationship with China is one of intrigue and mystery. Whilst Fairfax suggest that Chinese people would rather go to Russia, visitor arrivals are up 21 percent. New Chinese carriers mean lots of planes are going back relatively empty. Great for the travelling public.

The human rights record makes us uneasy and the Packer group have highlighted an unforgiving and complex legal system . Don’t get blotto in Beijing. China’s growing importance is sure to upset Australians tall poppy syndrome.

All of this could make it harder in the future for Aussie’s to visit China.


The Philippines

160415 Philippines

President Rodrigo Duterte is certainly raising the odd eyebrow. With Kahuna’s the size of coconuts he has booted out the yanks and booted around the druggies, signing big deals with China whilst the bodies of druggies and dealers litter the streets.

A lazy spliff in Manilla could have you lying on the footpath with the yellow placard number next to you. Massive issues with child trafficking persist.

Feeling a little bit edgy for the average traveler.




Not to be outdone by Pres Duterte, Malaysian has Prime Minister Najib Razak. He is currently explaining how a couple hundred million dollars ended up his personal bank account. But that doesn’t bother the Chinese government from who he wants investment in return for shutting up about some man made islands.




Sadly Bali has held onto its title as “International pedophile destination of the year” for the second year running. Robert Andrew Fiddes Ellis, an Australian, has just received the longest custodial sentence eve, not good for how Aussie’s are perceived. Then again, three decades of Bogan behavior hasn’t helped us much there either.




The rest of the world thinks of this is Asia, Australia still catching up. It can be challenging, hot, dusty, noisy, smelly and the most amazing experience of your life all in the same five minutes.

But sadly, the caste system, the super elite, the downtrodden and religion are creating a toxic mix for minorities getting killed for being seen near a cow carcass. This is upsetting the minorities, who have a strong representation in Pakistan, who India are currently lobbying bombs at.

Then you have the beauty of Jaipur. I’m back in India in a few weeks. I love it.




Thailand is a country where we are about to make our own dramas. The average Aussie cannot understand the feeling with which the average Thai national feels the death of their monarch. The Bogan is to come over from Bali are probably not going to be quite as sensitive as they need to.

It’s a matter of time until an Australian called “xxxxx” was found with his “xxxxx” around his “xxxxx” which had a picture of Thai “xxxx xxxxx” on them and landed him in jail for “xxxxx” years.

Do you think Australians are falling out of love with Asia?